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I'm not really back, but I just wanted to say...

If anyone cares to leave me a free voicemail for any reason, even if you just want to call me a smelly goblin-face, you can for the next few weeks through an interesting little organization called uReach. Call 1-877-716-5600, ext. 130, and leave me a message.

(PS--Thanks for the idea, Liza.)

[Okay, I fixed it. Anyone who tried to leave a message before and couldn't feel free to try again! All should be well this time. My greeting thing sounds retarded--feel free to laugh at me!]
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ok, so i was wanted a PIN?
so...I'll just say hi this way.

(dont know why i was gonna..just felt like taking a break and doing something different than staring at powerpoint for five minutes)
I fixed it. You can leave a message now, I promise! :-)
Alright, now I did it too.
And you can laugh at me.
(Before I was prepared...I've just been off auditing and had NO idea what to say.)

Heehee... I can't wait to go on lunch so I can listen to my first message! :-) Thanks!
You have a nice phone voice.
No, it's awful! I can't STAND to listen to myself on answering machines or anything... My voice is much more nasal than I'd like it to be. But thanks, anyway! :-)