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Hurricane Erin
10 January
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I love the arts, both looking at others' and making my own... Photography, drawing, painting, scuplture. I love music and books and movies and writing and traveling, and meeting new people.

My journal has recently gone "Friends Only" due to some personal matters. Anyone can read the majority of my past entries, but if you want to read the newer ones you'll have to be on my friends list. If you're interested, simply shoot me an e-mail with your LJ user name and I'll probably add you.
:wumpscut:, animals, anne sexton, bauhaus, beatles, belle and sebastian, beta band, bill hicks, bjork, blur, bob dylan, bob marley, cats, charles bukowski, charles simic, chuck close, chuck palahniuk, clinic, czeslaw milosz, darren aronofsky, david lynch, dead can dance, dead kennedys, death cab for cutie, depeche mode, devo, dinosaur jr, dogs, dorothy parker, e.e.cummings, einsturzende neubauten, elephants, elizabeth bishop, elliott smith, ezra pound, f. scott fitzgerald, flaming lips, further seems forever, galaxie 500, george carlin, godspeed you black emperor, golden palominos, grandaddy, guided by voices, hamlet, haujobb, helen frankenthalter, high fidelity, hockey, hooverphonic, hunter s. thompson, jan van eyck, janeane garofalo, jeff buckley, jets to brazil, jimmy eat world, joaquin sorolla y bastida, john cusak, jon stewart, joy division, kids in the hall, lemon jelly, leonard cohen, louis black, low, luna, madness, magnolia, manic depressives, mark doty, mark rothko, mark strand, massive attack, mcsweeney's, memento, mr. show, new order, nick cave, ogden nash, pablo neruda, paul klee, paul thomas anderson, pedro the lion, pixies, pj harvey, portishead, radiohead, ranier maria rilke, red house painters, rita dove, robert hass, robert pinsky, rufus wainwright, sarah slean, scrabble, severed heads, sharon olds, shellac, sigur ros, simpsons, skinny puppy, something awful, soul coughing, spiritualized, stanley kubrick, stanley kunitz, steve albini, steve martin, sylvia plath, talking heads, tear garden, tenacious d, texas is the reason, the clash, the cure, the dismemberment plan, the juliana theory, the mooney suzuki, the onion, the smiths, the swans, theodore roethke, this mortal coil, tori amos, vandals, velvet undergroud, w.b.yeats, w.s. merwin, wassily kandinsky, weezer, william s. burroughs, wire, wislawa szymborska, writing, xtc, yo la tengo

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